Let’s not kid ourselves here, Dinosaurs are the coolest thing to ever happen to Magic the Gathering and the fact that they’re the top tribe in Ixalan is a status befitting the glory of every majestic dinosaur. I’m privileged enough to have spent my childhood gawking at the skeletal and fossilized remains of dinosaurs at the museum. I also saw almost every Jurassic Park film on opening weekend. Seeing dinosaurs featured prominently in my favorite card game is a real treat.

Today, to honor the grand history of the dinosaur and its contributions to both our culture and the culture of Ixalan, we have not one, not two, not even three or four lists of the top dinosaurs in Ixalan: we have five top five lists of dinosaurs, the definitive greatest tribe of Ixalan, greatest sub-type of Magic the Gathering, and greatest gift to human culture.

Honorable Mention: Top Five Non-Ixalan Dinosaurs

  1. Fungusaur – Fungus. Dinosaur. ‘Nuff said, bub.
  2. Pygmy Allosaurus – The OG dinosaur. The card says “Summon Dinosaur” but Wizards once made the grave mistake of updating the type to Lizard.
  3. Imperiosaur – Another victim of the “Lizard” creature type, Imperiosaur helped flesh out the mythical land of Muraganda that we still haven’t visited.
  4. Putrid Raptor – Surprise! It’s a 4/4 not a 2/2! Also check out that type line: Zombie Dinosaur Beast. Amazing.
  5. Shivan Raptor – Look at that artwork. How is that not the best dinosaur artwork ever?

Credit where credit’s due, I wanted to pay homage to all the dinosaurs who’ve paved the path for Ixalan’s pirates to be the dominant force on that plane. The above list may not be cohesive but it is full of dinosaurs and that’s all that matters. Now, without further ado, the top five Ixalan top five dinosaur cards!

Top Five Prettiest Dinosaurs on Ixalan

  1. Goring Ceraptops
  2. Kinjalli’s Sunwing
  3. Grazing Whiptail
  4. Bonded Horncrest
  5. Raptor Hatchling

Top Five Dinosaurs to Build a Non-Dinosaur Deck Around

Just kidding, why would anyone build a non-dinosaur deck?

Top Five Most Likely to be Pack One Pick One Dinosaurs

  1. Imperial Aerosaur
  2. Ranging Raptors
  3. Savage Stomp
  4. Imperial Lancer
  5. Stedfast Armasaur

Top Five Most Likely to Win the Pro Tour Dinosaurs

  1. Burning Sun’s Avatar
  2. Carnage Tyrant
  3. Rampaging Ferocidon
  4. Snapping Sailback
  5. Regisaur Alpha

Top Five Dinosaurs Who Don’t Take Crap from Nobody on Ixalan

  1. Bellowing Aegisaur
  2. Raptor Companion
  3. Charging Monstrosaur
  4. Nest Robber
  5. Beligerent Brontodon

Top Five Most Bad-Ass Pirates on Dinosaurs

  1. Gishath, Sun’s Avatar
  2. Wakening Sun’s Avatar
  3. Territorial Hammerskull
  4. Frenzied Raptor
  5. Ancient Brontodon

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