On today’s Minute: Today, Wizard’s announced that 14 creatures from Magic’s history would be errata’d to have the Dinosaur creature type. Plus, the first official Ixalan Magic Story!

After decades of printing Magic cards with art clearly depicting dinosaurs but with creature types like lizard or beast, Wizards is finally including honest-to-goodness dinosaurs in Ixalan. So what does that mean for all the other Magic dinosaurs that are missing the appropriate creature type? Well, Wizards announced this morning that 14 creatures from Magic’s history would be errata’d to become true dinosaurs with the release of Ixalan. This includes Fungusaur, printed way back in Alpha, which will become a Fungus Dinosaur, all the way up to Deathmist Raptor from Dragons of Tarkir, which was clearly a dinosaur even if the creature type originally said Lizard Beast. I, for one, welcome our new dinosaur overlords!

Wizards also released the first official Magic Story for Ixalan this morning. It features a broken and amnesiac Jace, having just been defeated by Nicol Bolas on Amonkhet, blindly planeswalking to Ixalan and being unable to planeswalk away. Make sure to read the whole story at magic.wizards.com.


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You can find the full list of creatures being errata’d to be dinosaurs here.

You can read the first Magic Story covering Ixalan here.

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