The best Magic players in the world have gathered in Kyoto, Japan for Pro Tour Hour of Devastation. Day 1 started with two excellent drafts from both Kentaro Yamamoto and Mike Sigrist. After lunch, Standard heated up as Mono-Red dominated the metagame.

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Draft #1: Kentaro Yamamoto

Kentaro’s draft was looking low on power…until an impressive Pack 3.

Draft #2: Mike Sigrist

Mike Sigrist had a medium Pack 1 but then managed to open mono-Samuts Packs 2 and 3.

Round 1 (Draft): Mike Sigrist vs. Bram Snepvangers

Featured drafter Mike Sigrist found himself paired against Hall of Famer Bram Snepvangers and his…offbeat BW deck.

Round 2 (Draft): Mike Sigrist vs. Kentaro Yamamoto

The best part of the Draft portion of the Pro Tour (other than the draft itself) is being able to see the featured drafters battle it out.

Round 3 (Draft): Martin Juza vs. Sergio Ferrer Rozalen

Juza was 2-0 going in to Round 3 and in control of the Draft Master race, while Sergio was trying to win his first pod at his first Pro Tour.

Round 4 (Standard): William Jensen vs. Reid Duke

The Standard rounds couldn’t have started better with a sweet matchup between teammates Jensen and Duke.

Round 5 (Standard): Makihito Mihara vs. Tim Harris

Harris brought the beats and burn with a blisteringly fast mono-Red deck.

Round 6 (Standard): Thiago Saporito vs. Ben Rubin

Hall of Famer Ben Rubin brought a sweet GR ramp deck to fight Saporito’s mono-Black Zombies.

Round 7 (Standard): Pierre Dagen vs. William Jensen

Jensen found himself in the feature match area one again with a sweet RG Pummeler combo deck.

Round 8 (Standard): Seth Manfield vs. Sam Black

Both Sam Black and Seth Manfield brought mono-Red to the Pro Tour and battled to finish Day 1 undefeated in Round 8.

Video courtesy of Wizards’ Twitch channel.

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