The Top 8 of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon was absolutely stacked. Featuring Louis Scott-Vargas, Reid Duke, and Owen Turtenwald, every match saw amazing players battling with awesome decks.

Quarterfinals #1 and #2

The first set of quarterfinals featured Hall of Famer LSV vs future Hall of Famer Reid Duke on the front table, with newly-minted Hall of Famer Owen Turtenwald vs Yuta Takahashi on the back table.

Quarterfinals #3 and #4

The second set of quarterfinals was a little lighter on star power but saw two can’t-miss matchups: Sam Pardee vs Andrew Brown on the front table, and Ken Yukihiro vs Lukas Blohon on the back table.


Semifinal #1

If you thought the first pair of quarterfinal matchups were awesome, the first semifinal has a good argument for being one of the best matches of the tournament: HoF LSV vs Hof Owen Turtenwald.

Seminfinal #2

With all of the Hall of Famers on the other side of the bracket, the second semifinal featured less star power, with Sam Pardee battling Lukas Blohon, but a lot more flavor power.


After two and a half days of amazing Magic, it all came down to just two players and a best of five match to determine who would be Pro Tour Eldritch Moon champion: HoF Owen Turtenwald vs Lukas Blohon.

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