Pro Tour Eldritch Moon is underway in Sydney, Australia and day one saw at least one well-known platinum player put up a flawless record. However, for many of us back here in the states, we were fast asleep for most of the event coverage. In case you missed any part of it, make sure you check out the videos below to catch up! Day Two starts at 7pm Eastern on Twitch!

Draft Pod One

We opened up the day watching two of the world’s best limited players make their picks in EMN/SOI drafting. Check out the below video recaps to see some expert draft selections, Marshall Sutcliffe rave about Duin’s ability to switch colors, and BDM and Ian Duke work to provide commentary while figuring out exactly where they should be standing to most effectively hinder our view of the massive screen behind them. Oh, and glare.

Draft Round #1

As if planned by the Magic gods themselves, our two featured drafters were paired against each other in the first round as Brian Braun-Duin took on Kentaro Yamamoto!

Draft Round #2

I don’t think I’ve ever had an easier decision to make in who to cheer for in a match than when I saw who was paired up for the second round. I know Ari Lax is good at Magic but Brad Nelson is just so lovable.

Draft Round #3

Coming into this event, Marcio Carvahlo was one of only a few players who could realistically challenge Jon Finkel for the title of Draft Master and secure a seat at the 2016 World Championship. Check out this match of his against Nathan Holiday to see if he’ll get one step closer.

Standard Round #4

We kick off the Standard portion of our program with the first appearance the Black-Green Delirium deck and the first appearance of #2-ranked Owen Turtenwald, who has already locked up both platinum for next season and a seat at the World Championship but also has a chance to surpass Seth Manfield for player of the year. He took on Andrew Cuneo in round four.

Standard Round #5

It Matt Sperling sick of Reid Duke’s stunning good looks? Is he sick of Reid’s boyish charm? Is he sick of me making jokes about things he’s sick about? We may never know…

Standard Round #6

There’s never enough Luis Scott-Vargas and here’s your friendly reminder that it’s okay to root against LSV in the pro tour on day one because you want to hear him do coverage commentary on day two or in the top eight. In round six he took on Steve Rubin. This is the third straight featured match that has a BG Delirium deck.

Standard Round #7

Jacob Wilson is a very successful young pro player who is the fourth straight featured match BG Delirium player. Olivier Ruel is a Pro Tour Hall of Fame member who was also banned for cheating back in the day who I have to admit, I did not expect to see at this tournament.

Standard Round #8

We get our first match featuring two previously-featured pros, but our fifth straight match featuring BG Delirium. Owen Turtenwald and Steve Rubin both came into this match without any game losses, but it wouldn’t end that way.

That’s it for day one! Day two starts at 7pm tonight!

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