The Top 8 for Pro Tour Eldritch Moon has been set! If you slept through most of Day Two like I did, every match has been posted below. Find out who made the Top 8 and how they got there! The Top 8 starts at 7pm Eastern on Twitch!

Draft Pod One

Day Two started of with one of the one of the most stacked draft pods I’ve ever seen. While we got to see Owen Turtenwald and Luis Scott-Vargas both put on absolute master classes on how to read the table and find the open colors, don’t forget that Reid Duke, Jacob Wilson, Antonio del Moral León, Brian Braun-Duin, AND Yuuya Watanabe were also at the table!

Draft Round #9

Fresh off of drafting his sweet R/G Rarewolves deck, we got to see LSV battle against newly-inducted Hall of Fame member Yuuya Watanabe.

Draft Round #10

Christian Calcano came in to Day Two in contention for the Draft Master slot for the World Championships.

Draft Round #11

Round 11 featured an undefeated Owen Turtenwald against fellow member of the Peach Garden Oath, Reid Duke.

Standard Round #12

Last weekend, Brian Bran-Duin locked up the GP Master slot for the World Championship at GP Sydney. He continued his quest to become Platinum pro against Antonio del Moral León.

Standard Round #13

Fan-favorite LSV was sitting at 10-2 and trying to make is third Pro Tour Top 8 in a row, while at 11-1 Reid Duke was trying to make his second Pro Tour Top 8 ever.

Standard Round #14

Round 14 saw both of our featured drafters at 11-2  and matched up against one another. With a win, either LSV or Owen Turtenwald would lock themselves for Top 8.

Standard Round #15

Reid Duke had already locked up his Top 8 slot by Round 15 but was paired down and forced to play against Yuta Takahashi.

Standard Round #16

Owen Turtenwald had started Day Two undefeated and at the top of the standings but stumbled towards the end of day. Despite taking a few loses, he was still in position to clinch a Top 8 berth and become Player of the Year with a win against Daniel Cathro.


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