You guys thought I was gone
That I was invisible
I’m an Osirus.
Like fear. Fearing is the mind
killing me. I talk
about impermanence without a clear understanding
of it’s meaning. Motherfuckers
I won’t separate you by gender
Let’s do it like this in the Moonshine, magic.
Take it, magic
I’ve found broken books
like philosophy. Memes, jokes acres
of broken.


Flee with me, Battle-scarred
warrior, explosion where my ship sits
Tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind
kinetics view through
the future. Fifty gold with drastic tactics.
Graphic displays
black sword hidden in my jacket
Witches ease guns in
Patrolmen tear bodies laced with function
Creatures by the shore take flight
There will be a battle. Confusion
monsters. Legendary creatures
effects disappearing
I gotta find a new ship.


Retreat to the building I’ve been drawing in
Touchin’ underground
Walls of dirt and roots and building
parts Hawkmoon
defend back the tunnels
now examine the rags of the Fallen. Swimming
in a fire of their lesser forms.
humorless behold the bold soldier, control the room slowly.
I pound footprints. I pound footprints in solid rock.


Matt Jones (born 1980, Rochester, New York) is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He’s taken some time off from the game, focusing on his art practice, but continues to obsess with the mythology and art of Magic: The Gathering. As he plays less Magic his articles have become more about imagination and less about strategy.

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