Twas the night before Draftsmas and all through Magic Online Digital Objects, not a player was drafting, not even a…

Okay that’s a  lie. The holiday cube is up on magic online which in fact means that we are all drafting like maniacs. I did a few drafts this week and I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of the current iteration of the MTGO cube, but hey, cube is cube and where there’s a cube, it’s gonna get cubed. It’s been a rather slow week for me in general so I’ve been getting in plenty of drafts. I have off from work, and most people in my team draft group are not in NYC or are unavailable for team drafting so hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

I also currently find myself in a state of “modo brokeness” meaning I am completely out of product and tix. It’s a pretty familiar cycle to many Modo fiends like myself. You buy into a draft, win a bunch of 8-4’s in a row, amass a large amount of product, but eventually, inevitably, if you are strictly a limited player, you eventually end up broke back at square one. This usually takes a few months but you know that someday it’s coming. I’ve decided to not “buy back in” to magic online for the time-being as I am hoping to begin spending a bit more frugally since I am hoping to be moving to a new apartment sometime in the near future. I also continue to enjoy playing “real life” magic more and more, and continue to enjoy magic online less and less. That said I do enjoy putting up draft videos and will still find ways to continue to do so. I think over the years the sheer amount of magic I’ve been able to play because of Modo has greatly increased my skill as a player but I think continuing to play as much as I did would have diminishing returns. The uptick in team drafting in my current playgroup has really helped to also help me “get my fix” so to speak and also is immensely more enjoyable than anything Modo has to offer.

And now, may I present, my latest draft for your viewing pleasure:


Round 1


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