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Drawing Live

The Next Level in Sight

After a 20th place finish at GP Montreal, Zach finally sees the next level in Magic.

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Eldritch Moon Sealed is Great

Carrie finished second and eleventh in two weekend Eldritch Moon sealed PPTQs. Get her insight before Grand Prix Montreal, Stockholm, and Sydney.

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Shooting the Moon

Carrie had good old Dimir fun at the Eldritch Moon prerelease.

Drawing Live

Design of a Card: Alchemist’s Greeting

Zach dives deep into the design of new common removal spell Alchemist’s Greeting.

Card Kingdom

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Limited Gems of Eldritch Moon

Carrie helps you get ready for the Eldritch Moon prerelease with some Limited gems from the new set.

Drawing Live

Common Removal in Eldritch Moon

In anticipation of the prerelease, Zach studies the new and existing removal and see which colors are improving, and which are getting worse.

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Shadows Top Ten

Carrie shares her top ten limited cards from Shadows Over Innistrad.

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Eternal Masters PPTQ

Carrie finished third in an Eternal Masters sealed PPTQ and reports on the fun.

Drawing Live

Dealing with Failure and Success

Fresh off a PPTQ loss and a good deal of success with LLM and EMA, Zach asks the question: how do you reconcile feeling both good and bad at Magic?

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Eternal Masters Sealed

Carrie provides some guidance for Eternal Masters sealed tournaments.

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Last Exit to the RPTQ

Carrie took a shot at qualifying for Pro Tour Sydney last weekend, snagging a last chance slot for the Denver RPTQ.