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Field of the Dead Banned in Standard

Field of the Dead combined with Golos, Tireless Pilgrim to dramatically warp the Standard format.

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Javier Dominguez Wins Mythic Championship V with Gruul Aggro

His metagame deck choice of Gruul Aggro got its preferred matchup of Bant Golos in the Grand Finals.


Bant Golos Only Puts 1 Copy into the Top 8 of Mythic Championship V

But there were 9 Golos decks in the Top 16.

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Lee Shi Tian Voices Support for the Hong Kong Protests at Mythic Championship V

He wore a mask throughout the day, a reference to the masks worn by protestors.

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MTG Arena Crashes Affect Some Mythic Championship V Matches

The game was crashing on the tournament machines both before and during the event.


Bant Golos Dominates Day 1 of Mythic Championship V

But there’s a larger problem—only three decks that didn’t play Green made Day 2.

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Five Challengers to Watch at Mythic Championship V

From Hall of Famers to fresh faces, every player at Mythic Championship V is competing for Mythic Points to qualify for the Magic Pro League.

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The Top 10 Cards in Standard

Green cards dominate this Top 10, from Once Upon a Time to Oko, Thief of Crowns.

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The Top 5 Decks in Standard

Golos, Field of the Dead, and Ramp, oh my!


The Mythic Championship V Standard Metagame is Over 40% Golos and Field of the Dead

Over 40% of the field is playing Golos, 70% are playing a ramp archetype, and only 9% aren’t playing Green.


Everything You Need to Know About Mythic Championship V

Best-of-3 Standard Constructed at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA starts Friday, October 18.