Mythic Championship V kicks off this Friday in Long Beach, California. Here’s everything you need to know about the first major tournament to feature the Throne of Eldraine Standard format.

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The Event

Mythic Championship V starts on Friday, October 18 at 12 PM Eastern and will end on Sunday, October 20. The tournament will take place at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA and will be streamed live on

The winner of the Mythic Championship will take home $100,000, while second place will be awarded $50,000, third place $40,000, fourth place $20,000, fifth through 16th places $12,500, and 17th through 68th $7,500.

The Players

The 68 players invited to Mythic Championship V include the 32 members of the Magic Pro League. The remaining 34 players are made up of the Top 16 finishes from the Mythic Championship Qualifier, the Top 4 Challengers from the previous Mythic Championship, as well as 16 discretionary invites.

You can find the full list of invites players here.

The Format

Mythic Championship V will feature Best-of-Three Standard Constructed throughout the entire tournament. The Standard format rotated just a few weeks ago with the release of Throne of Eldraine and early results indicate that Bant Golos is the deck to beat in the new format. It looks like the players at the Mythic Championship agree—33.8% of the field registered Bant Golos while an additional 8.4% registered Golos Fires, another variation of the deck.

All but four of the 68 players will compete in Day 1 of Mythic Championship V in seven rounds of modified Swiss. Of them, 24 will advance to Day 2, with those who reach five wins will automatically advancing and those who lose four matches automatically being eliminated. Tiebreakers among players with four wins will be used to determine who will advance.

On Day 2, the 24 players from Day 1 will join the four Magic Pro League members that won their respective divisions in the Core Split (Carlos Romao, Seth Manfield, Lee Shi Tian, and Ben Stark) for another day of seven rounds of modified Swiss. Similar to Day 1, players with five wins will advance to the final Top 8 bracket, with the remaining spots being filled with players who get four wins.

The Top 8 bracket will be a double-elimination tournament, with the winners of the Upper and Lower brackets facing off in the Grand Finals.

The Commentary Team

Day9, Becca Scott, AliasV, Marshall Sutcliffe, Paul Cheon, Maria Bartholdi, and Cedric Phillips return to their roles from the Mythic Championship III for Mythic Championship V. Brian Kibler also returns after hosting the Mythic Invitational earlier this year.

The Fantasy Leagues

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