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Rally the Rankings

Biggest Flavor Wins in The Lord of the Rings: Tales Of Middle-earth

Tales of Middle-earth is full of flavor—check out the cards that hit all the right notes.

Tales Retold

Re-Telling Tales of Middle-earth: Book One

Jacob shares the re-telling of the epic opening arc of The Lord of the Rings through the lens of the Magic cards it inspired


MTG Arena Announcements: Journey to Middle-earth, To Play Card Games

Your favorite Lord of the Rings characters are coming to MTG Arena in Tales of Middle-earth this week.

Magic and Meaning

Race and Representation in Tales of Middle-earth

Answering questions of authorial intent and adaptation in The Lord of the Rings.

Card Kingdom

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Welcome to The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth, Magic’s Take on the Tolkien Classic

All of your favorite characters from The Lord of the Rings are now on Magic cards!


A Precious First Look At The Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-Earth

Check out the cards for Frodo, Sam, The Shire, Mount Doom, and more!

Breaking News

A Sneak Peak at Gandalf and the One Ring from Magic’s Lord of the Rings Set

Gandalf will have three different cards, Glamdring might get a card, and full-art basic lands featuring the map of Middle-Earth!