Leaving a Legacy

TonyScapone Draws 7 A Bunch

This week we have our esteemed guest TonyScapone on to chat about his newest iterations of The Epic Gamble!

Getting Pitty Wit It

The Legacy Pit joins the cast to announce their 20k Legacy event on October 1-2 in Richmond VA.

Apes Strong Together

Jerry is joined by fellow Sneak and Show player Brian Northrup to talk about Brian’s recent Top 4 result.

Local Fast Casual Dining!

Pat and Jerry talk with lands master Anthony Rivera, who recently took down the latest event held by the Arizona Magic Series.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Bryant Loves Pauper

Bryant Cook joins the cast.


Matt aka PunishingWaterfalls on MTGO joins the cast to chat about Legacy.

Hang Sesh

Jerry and Pat take it easy this week and browse over some of the newest spicy lists showing up in the Leagues.


Jerry sits down with Alex Tash to talk about starting up a local Legacy scene.

Zachary Koch

Jerry and Patrick sit down with their old friend and fellow podcaster Zachary Koch.

Sage and Arizona Legacy!

Pat and Jerry chat about Legacy.

East vs. West

Jerry welcomes on West Coast D&T player David Barentsen to talk about his day at the recent Channel Fireball $1.5k.