Casual Black Magic

Blue-Red Faeries in Modern

Faeries in Modern, at this time of year, in this current meta, localized across from Orcish Bowmasters? Sam would like to see.

The Seedborn Muse Question—How Good is Too Good in cEDH?

Seedborn Muse might be too powerful to be effective in cEDH decks. Why is that the case and what should you replace it with in your decks?

Dargo, the Shipwrecker Jund vs Korvold, Fae-Cursed King in cEDH

Sacrificing permanents, combos, and a lack of blue. Sam looks at the merits of two similar Jund-based cEDH strategies.

My first cEDH Tournament Win – Rograkh/Thrasios in Action

Sam brings a round-by-round recap of Rograkh/Thrasios collecting the overall win.

Card Kingdom

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Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh—Thrasios, Triton Hero cEDH Primer

Sam looks at building a powerful cEDH deck with partner commanders in Temur, who have a combined mana value of only two.

I Love Gen Con

Sam makes a long overdue return to their roots at Gen Con, for a few days of Chaos Orb flips and revisiting Magic history.

Old School Control

Sam looks to the world of Chaos Orb, moxen, and Kird Apes, with a control deck based around having more answers than your opponent.

Goldberry, River-Daughter in Commander

Sam is here with an engaging take on removing counters in monoblue, thanks to the unique design space of Goldberry.

Premodern Without Land Tax

Land Tax has been banned in Premodern, so Sam looks at some potential new directions for the format.

The One Ring is a Problem in Commander

Sam looks at the presence of The One Ring in the format, and what we can learn from it’s design for multiplayer.

Breaking Premodern

Sam discusses their tournament-winning decklist, designed around a seemingly busted interaction for Premodern.