Gabe Carleton-Barnes



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Drafting for Gold

GCB introduces a strategy for drafting Fate Reforged to optimize the sweet, sweet gold cards in Khans of Tarkir.

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Biting the Modo Bullet

In a twist on the classic tournament report, GCB brings you a Magic Online PPTQ tournament report, complete with crashes, bugs, bad beats, and good beats.

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The New Grinder

GCB tries to drag his passion for the PTQ grind into the PPTQ future.

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Beating Your Nemesis

What is it about that one player that makes it so hard for you to win, and how do you overcome them?

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Reforging Standard’s Rhino Problem

Khans Standard has a Rhino problem: why is it so hard to solve, and can Fate Reforged help?

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A Rare Gift

A control player gives a peculiar gift the night before the big tournament.

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Counting to 20–The Best Deck in Standard Sucks

Khans Standard finally has a best deck: GCB hopes we can all pretend we never found out.

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Counting to 20–Perpetual Student

GCB learns from his mistakes in 2014 and gets excited about Standard in 2015.

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What I Love About Modo

GCB gets in the Holiday Spirit and comes to terms with the interminably frustrating Magic Online. Sort of.

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GP Baltimore from the Booth

GCB spent an entire weekend at a Grand Prix and didn’t play any Magic. Here’s what he saw.

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An Open Letter to Gerry T

In response to Gerry T’s recent article on constructed deck design, GCB has some personal suggestions for Gerry.