Gabe Carleton-Barnes



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The DCI vs Sportsmanship

What do the morph rule and the intentional draw rule have in common? GCB builds on LSV’s case against the morph rule.

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Let It Go

GCB confronts tournament politics, bad beats, and taking responsibility at a PTQ.

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My Vintage Deck

GCB describes his first real tournament, his first real competitive deck, and how he finally figured out that it wasn’t as good as he thought.

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Suspicious Khans Sealed Advice

@uncle_gcb challenges @ReidDuke to a grudge-match sealed-deck build-off on this week’s Counting to 20

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

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Beating the Cheats

What the rest of us can do about cheating in competitive Magic.

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The Art of the Assist

Is Magic really a team game? GCB explains what an ‘assist’ means in the competitive Magic world.

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Discipline Your Mana

GCB takes you through his formula for choosing lands in Limited, using the decks that took him to a 5-1 draft record at Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir.

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An Ode to Singletons

A story about how a young man fell in love… with playing one-ofs in his constructed decks.

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The Beauty of Bad Cards

We all have pet cards: GCB tells the story of one of his pets coming to the rescue, never mind the laws about amphibious rodents.

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Coping Mechanisms

GCB shares his survival guide for new constructed formats in anticipation of Khans of Tarkir Standard.

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Community Stein

GCB nominates his own Community Cup competitors, and he has good goddamn reasons.