Jess Stirba

Senior Staff Writer


Command of Etiquette

Harley Worth It

Jess talks about the Harley Quinn she looked up to as a child, and how ill-served that Harley is by Arkham Knight.

Command of Etiquette

Comparative Morality

Jess writes about the moral quicksand upon which the rapist-defenders have planted their flag.

Command of Etiquette

Arkham Trite

Jess talks about Batman: Arkham Knight, a videogame she recently played and found wanting.

Command of Etiquette

No Place for Strange Fruit

Jess talks about race.

Card Kingdom

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Command of Etiquette

An Invisible Woman

Jess talks about that great SCG article on women in Magic, and her emotional response to it.

Command of Etiquette

Villainous Cliches

Jess talks about stories, and the ways in which they influence our world.

Command of Etiquette

Action Overload

Jess talks about some lessons she learned through one-versus-one Commander games.

Command of Etiquette

Guest Etiquette—Feasting on Man Tears at GP AC

Casual modernist Zil talks about her first GP experience, playing a Modern side event at GP Atlantic City.

Command of Etiquette

Tales of a GP Girlfriend

Jess went to GP Atlantic City without playing in the main event… and she loved it!


Command of Etiquette—Downshifting Rares

In the wake of Scion of the Wild being downshifted to common, Jess talks about some other rares she think could be downshifted for her Pauper Cube.


Command of Etiquette—Top Ten Cards I Want to See in Modern Masters 2

Jess lists the top ten cards (and a bunch of others) that she’s hoping to see spoiled in Modern Masters 2.