Lexie Steele



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Deep Dive: Lingering Bant Spirits

Lexi goes in depth on her preferred Modern Spirits build: Bant Spirits featuring Lingering Souls.

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Going Forward with Spirits in Modern

Lexie is full of spirit for some new M19 cards that strengthen the tribe in Modern!

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Grixis Exhume in Pauper

Lexie showcases another sweet Pauper combo deck: Gixis Exhume!

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Being a Woman in a Male Dominated Society

Lexie talks about the difficulties of being a woman who works in Magic retail, and how to be more aware of how you make others feel.

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Ending Eldrazi Winter

Lexie examines potential changes to the Modern ban list to end Eldrazi Winter.

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The Importance of Tournament Preparation

Lexie breaks down the mental game of tournament preparation.

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The Many Faces of Playtesting

Lexie explains how to playtest when you don’t have a team of pros to help you.

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Lexie takes a break from Magic this week to discuss a topic that is important not only to her but to the entire community.

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Combo in Pauper

This week, Lexie talks about different combo decks in Pauper and how banning Cloud of Faeries affects Esper Familiars.

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Control in Pauper

This week, Lexie talks about the different type of control decks played in Pauper.

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SCG Cincinnati Tournament Report

This week, Lexie talks about the things she learned at the Modern Star City Games event in Cincinnati.