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Bringing to Light

Grixis Exhume in Pauper

Lexie showcases another sweet Pauper combo deck: Gixis Exhume!

Bringing to Light

Being a Woman in a Male Dominated Society

Lexie talks about the difficulties of being a woman who works in Magic retail, and how to be more aware of how you make others feel.

Bringing to Light

The Importance of Tournament Preparation

Lexie breaks down the mental game of tournament preparation.

Bringing to Light

Combo in Pauper

This week, Lexie talks about different combo decks in Pauper and how banning Cloud of Faeries affects Esper Familiars.

Card Kingdom

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Bringing to Light

SCG Cincinnati Tournament Report

This week, Lexie talks about the things she learned at the Modern Star City Games event in Cincinnati.

Bringing to Light

Pauper Tireless Tribe Combo

Lexie talks more Pauper this week, devling into the Tireless Tribe combo deck.