Lexie Steele



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Aggro in Pauper

This week, Lexie talks about different aggro decks you can play in Pauper.

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Tilt Revisited

This week we look back on some of the best articles from 2015 as we prepare for the new year

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Removing 8th and 9th Edition from Modern

This week, Lexie talks about why banning 8th and 9th Edition from Modern would be good for the format.

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Pauper Tireless Tribe Combo

Lexie talks more Pauper this week, devling into the Tireless Tribe combo deck.

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Pauper Mono White Tokens

This week Lexie starts out on MTGO and dives into Pauper with a nice little aggressive deck

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Types of Tilt

Lexie examines tilt and shows you how to overcome it.

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BR Devoid Aggro

Lexie decides to take the plunge into Magic Online starting with taking BR Devoid aggro for a spin in the Standard leagues.

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GP Pittsburgh Prep

Lexie plans on following up her GP Indy performance with a good showing in Pittsburgh this coming weekend

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GP Indy Report **14th Place**

Lexie Mettler reports from GP Indy where she put up a great performance with Abzan, was featured on camera twice, and finished in 14th place.