Carrie O'Hara

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12 Combos That Break Solemnity—Number 4 Will Shake Legacy

Did you see the new broken white enchantment? Magic is ruined forever. Three mana, win the game? Learn how with this one weird trick.

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Repetition is Variation

Carrie reflects on repetition and the competitive grind as she heads to Grand Prix Las Vegas.

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Sealed Cards I Want to Pull

As Carrie prepares for the RPTQ this weekend and Grand Prix Vegas after that, she shares what she hopes to pull from her Sealed packs.

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Return to Theros

Carrie can’t stop comparing Amonkhet draft to Theros. Does that mean blue-green tempo is the best deck again?

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Removal in Amonkhet

Carrie breaks down the various forms of removal in Amonkhet draft, pointing out some ways to get creative.

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Top Five Cartouches

Carrie breaks down the top five cartouches of Amonkhet draft.

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Drafting Amonkhet in Richmond

Carrie reports from the day two draft tables at Grand Prix Richmond.

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Gift of Paradise

Carrie shows off a multi-color green Amonkhet draft deck featuring Gift of Paradise.

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Having an Embalm

Carrie reports from the Amonkhet prerelease. Shocking news: embalm is good.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Times are busy, busy, busy. Magic and life come at you fast. Carrie tells you how to stay on your feet.

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Amonkhet Limited Mechanics, Part II

Carrie breaks down the remaining three mechanics of Amonkhet Limited: -1/-1 counters, Aftermath, and Trials/Cartouches.