At approximately 8:30am PST (12:30pm EST) on January 13, 2023, Wizards of the Coast through the D&D Beyond Staff, released a full detailed statement on the subject of the Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming Licence (OGL). It can be read in full, without editorial, here:

Wizards of the Coast will NOT be releasing a new OGL today.

The key immediate takeaways, with direct quotes from the announcement in bold are:

  • Under any new OGL, you will own the content you create.
  • Content already released under 1.0a will also remain unaffected
  • What it will not contain is any royalty structure” in reference to the new OGL

The next iteration of the OGL will not contain any  “license back” and will not contain language “suggesting we (WotC) have rights to the content you create.

For more information about the proposed OGL and how it affects the community check out Rich Stein’s editorial addressing the impact not only to Dungeons and Dragons but also Wizards of the Coast’s flagship product: Magic: the Gathering.

Hipsters of the Coast will be following this development with further news, editorial and analysis as it happens. Check back for more breaking OGL stories!

Ed Note: The third bullet point in the key takeaways list has been expanded to include a larger quote from Wizards of the Coast to improve clarity.

Adrienne Reynolds (she/her) has the DCI number 7801. She is conducting a longitudinal ethnographic study of Cultural Actors in Magic: The Gathering initially undertaken at Bryn Mawr College and continued independently. You can find her on Twitter as @DreamtimeDrinne and on Discord at DreamtimeDrinne#9349. When not desperately seeking a game of Magic, she is working towards making our workspaces more human centered.

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