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Hit Point Press has just launched a brand new Kickstarter for Series 2 of their Cubeamajigs product, featuring all new original artwork commissioned from past and present Magic: the Gathering artists!

The community has been waiting for the return of these innovative storage solutions since the original Cubeamajigs Kickstarter raised over $100,000 in early 2019, and in that time these reusable gaming packs with original art have become a staple of the Cube and Commander MTG communities. For 2021, Hit Point Press and Art Director Brian Walters have commissioned more than two dozen brand new pieces of original art, and they’re coming to you on some really incredible product.

The Campaign

This campaign marks the return of the project’s namesake, the Cubeamajig, a plastic reusable game pack for Cube drafting or card storage. They now come “prebuilt” as sets of ten in a 400 count storage box featuring the same artwork:

But a brand new innovation has also entered the arena, now known as the Podamajig!

Podamajigs are made like a heavy-duty board-game box with a durable inner tray, have a 1000+ card capacity, and can hold up to a 540 card cube OR 9 double sleeved EDH decks!

And they have some of the same awesome original artwork as the Cubeamajigs! At the outset five different artworks were available as Cubeamajigs, Podamajigs, or Playmatamajigs, including work from Donato Giancola, Lena Richards, Omar Rayyan, Greg Hildebrandt, and Milivoj Ceran.

There’s also plenty of artwork in the waiting, including stretch goal unlocks at $30K, $50K, and even $100K! Just a few of the pieces can be seen below, with more to be revealed soon. The Hit Point Press team has brought more than two dozen MTG artists onto this project, with paintings that will seriously blow your mind.

Also unlocking at $100,000 are Sleeveamajigs, which will bring these new pieces of original art to the back of custom Dragon Shield Sleeves! They will be available as an add-on for $16 per box (if unlocked).

And finally, as if all that wasn’t cool enough, some of the original paintings commissioned for this project have also become reward tiers for the campaign, ranging in price from $3,500 to $5,500.

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All this and more await inside this campaign; Jigs has done it again!

Wrapping Up

Again that link to become a backer can be found here, and make sure you hop on the train early so you can follow along and be able to vote for new artwork as stretch goals are met. I’ve used the Cubeamajigs product since they first entered the market, and absolutely cannot wait to use the Podamajig; they’re super high quality and feature the most fantastic original artwork from artists near and dear to my heart.

The campaign runs for 30 days, and it’s one not to be missed. Become a backer today!

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