The inaugural date for CubeCon, a three day Magic: the Gathering event dedicated to Cube, has been announced. The event will take place over Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25 2020, in Madison, Wisconsin, and will be hosted at Misty Mountain Games


There are 10 unique Cubes featured in the tournament, with seven total draft times scheduled for each of the ten cubes to fire. Tickets cost $105 and give access to a “swag kit” that includes five Cube draft tickets, so attendees can sample a wide variety of Cubes, from unpowered Vintage, to Pauper, Block, and Themed varieties. Tournament structure affords competitors time to hang out, play in side events, and explore the local area. 

The $105 entry fee covers the following:

  • A stitched playmat from InkedGaming
  • Six Limited edition CubeCon dice from Q-Workshop
  • $1050 into the overall prize pool
  • $1000 for the Top 8 prize pool
  • 1st place medal for winning any draft pod!

John Terrill, one of the organizers behind CubeCon

Point leaders from the 70 draft pods will go on to a Top 8 draft at the end of the third day. The prize support outside this will remain “bottom heavy” though, reports John Terrill, one of the organizers behind the event. “We want everyone to get things, and to come out of the event feeling good about the experience. There’ll be prizes and swag aplenty for everyone, including playmats and CubeCon branded dice. We want everyone to have a blast meeting friends old and new, playing exotic Cubes, and enjoying high-level discussions.”

I asked John about what excited him most about CubeCon. “We’re putting on this event for the love of cube and the community. No one is looking to turn a profit on this event, but to spread the love of our favorite format and to showcase some of the many ways that it can be enjoyed.” The event is more than just a tournament, John added. “I am really excited about the ‘academic conference’ aspect of the event. I look forward to participating in panels and learning from some of the great theorists of Magic set design and of limited play.”

Community Cube

CubeCon also features a Community Cube slot, which gives Cube curators who will be attending the event the chance to add their Cube to the select group of ten to be featured at the inaugural CubeCon. Upon signup, attendees will receive instructions on how to submit their cube for consideration. Hipsters’ own Derek Gallen will be in attendance, and we’re sure he’s itching to share his cube with you too—say hi if you see him!

CubeCon is limited to 112 seats for this inaugural event. So if you’re interested, it might be an idea to sign up soon. Full details of the event are available on the CubeCon website.

If you can’t make it to the event, CubeCon will be broadcast live on Twitch.

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