During Day 1 of Mythic Championship VII, Wizards of the Coast announced that the 2019 World Championship will be held from February 14-16 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The event was originally scheduled for December 2019 but was delayed in August as a part of Wizards’ massive 2020 Organized Play changes.

The 2019 World Championship, which appears to have been renamed World Championship XXVI, will feature 16 competitors battling $1 million in prizes. Those 16 players will be made up of the reigning World Champion, the winners of the seven Mythic Championships, the Top 4 members of the Magic Pro League, and the Top 4 Challengers.

The players that had qualified for the the 2019 World Championship going into Mythic Championship VII.

Nine of the 16 slots for the 2019 World Championship had been filled heading into Mythic Championship VII this weekend. Javier Dominguez is the reigning world champion, while Autumn Burchett, Eli Loveman, Matias Leveratto, and Thoralf Severin won Mythic Championships I-IV, respectively. Jean-Emmanuel Depraz qualified by finishing second to Dominguez a Mythic Championship V, whose invitation passed down to Depraz, and Ondrej Strasky did so by winning Mythic Championship VI.

Raphael Levy and Sebastian Pozzo earned their places in the World Championship by qualifying for Mythic Championship VII, the Mythic Points from which locked them in as Top 4 Challengers. The Top 4 slots of the Magic Pro League, on the other hand, were still up for grabs as Mythic Championship VII began.

Stay tuned to our coverage of Mythic Championship VII as more players qualify for the 2019 World Championship!

UPDATE (12/8/19): The roster for World Championship XXVI has been finalized after the completion of Mythic Championship VII:

The roster for World Championship XXVI.

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