Wizards of the Coast revealed the trailer for Magic: the Gathering’s upcoming set, Theros: Beyond Death, tonight at the Game Awards.

The trailer shows Elspeth Tirel, who was betrayed and murdered by Heliod in the previous Theros story, marching with the dead across a river in the Underworld of Theros. But Elspeth takes off her mask, seeming to regain her sense of self, and rushes to stop a child from entering a shimmering barrier only to discover that the child’s face has been burned off.

Elspeth pulls back from the child and Ashiok, a malevolent planeswalker whose powers center around nightmares, summons creatures to pull Elspeth below the surface of the river. As she drowns in the grasp of Ashiok’s minions, Elspeth’s spark seems to ignite—then the trailer cuts to the Theros: Beyond Death logo.

Theros: Beyond Death releases early next year on January 24, 2020.

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