Along with tonight’s release of the Theros: Beyond Death trailer at the Game Awards, Wizards of the Coast has added a new event to Magic: the Gathering Arena. The Game Awards After Party event allows players to play with preconstructed decks that include new cards from Theros: Beyond Death, as well as some of Magic’s most iconic cards—Black Lotus, Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, and Mox Jet.

The event is free to enter and has two preconstructed decks to choose from, one each themed around Elspeth and Ashiok. You choose one of the decks and then battle other players to earn packs of Theros: Beyond Death.

Check out the full deck lists below.

The Elspeth preconstructed deck on MTG Arena.

The Ashiok preconstructed deck on MTG Arena.

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