Magic: Legends, a Magic: the Gathering massively multiplayer online game, was officially revealed tonight at the Game Awards, a year and a half after the game was announced to be in development.

Wizards of the Coast is partnering with Cryptic Studios and Perfect World to create Magic: Legends. In the original announcement, Cryptic Studios CEO Stephen D’Angelo said that players will be taking the role of a Planeswalker in the game: “[O]ur goal is to let people be a Planeswalker, just like it says right there on the back of every package they ever print: ‘You are a Planeswalker.’”

Magic: Legends will enter Beta sometime in 2020 and be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can sign up for Beta access on the game’s website.

Cryptic Studios is a game developer with a significant amount of experience in creating MMOs, especially when utilizing other companies’ intellectual property. They are known for creating the Neverwinter RPG, a Dungeons & Dragons MMO, and Star Trek Online. All three of those games were also published by Perfect World.

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