The finals of Team Modern Super League 2 are next Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern (GMT -4) on Michael Rapp also contributed to this post.

Last night was a semifinal for the record books! Brothers Who Bash and Pamplemousse needed the full seven games to determine a winner, but ultimately Brothers Who Bash took it down! They will move on to battle against Mage Market in the finals of Team Modern Super League 2.

The Results

The Brothers Who Bash rattled off wins in the first three matches and looked to be ending the night early—but then Pamplemousse came roaring back and almost completed the reverse sweep. In the end, Brian Braun-Duin defeated Reid Duke to take the Brothers Who Bash to the finals.

Round 1: Corey Baumeister (Tron) defeated Logan Nettles (Jund) 2-1

Round 2: Brian Bruan-Duin (Mardu Death’s Shadow) defeated Gabriel Nassif (Etron) 2-1

Round 3: Brad Nelson (Hardened Scales) defeated Reid Duke (Hogaak) 2-0

Round 4: Brian Bruan-Duin (Urza) lost to Logan Nettles (Mardu Death’s Shadow) 0-2

Round 5: Corey Baumeister (Hogaak) lost to Reid Duke (Red Phoenix) 1-2

Round 6: Brad Nelson (Hardened Scales) lost to Gabrial Nassif (Red Phoenix) 0-2

Round 7: Brian Bruan-Duin (Urza) beats Reid Duke (Hogaak) 2-0

Feature Match

Skip to 2:09:41 if the embed does not do so for you.

This week’s Feature Match is Match 3, where Brad Nelson played Hardened Scales against Reid Duke on Hogaak, but we’re going to focus on Game 1.

Nelson started off with a good but unexciting hand that didn’t contain the deck’s namesake, Hardened Scales. He played a Turn 1 Metallic Mimic naming Construct, followed by two copies of Hangarback Walker for zero mana, though they entered the battlefield with one counter each thanks to Metallic Mimic.

Duke seemed to be in some trouble after Nelson played six permanents on Turn 1 as he had kept a slower hand. Duke took a couple turns to develop before exploding on Turn 3 by adding a staggering 23 power to the board—you know, just normal Hogaak things—which swung the game firmly in his favor!

As the back and forth endeavor continued, Nelson finally drew a Hardened Scales, exactly what he needed to get back into the game. Duke, feeling pressured by the growing Hangarback Walker, started to dig using Cryptbreaker to find an answer. Nelson seemed positioned to win on the next turn thanks to Hardened Scales, Throne of Geth, Hangarback Walker, and Arcbound Worker, but another Cryptbreaker activation found Duke the Assassin’s Trophy he needed!

Duke shoved his creatures into the red zone to pressure Nelson, however, after some aggressive blocks, Nelson was still left with nine power of flying creatures, including a 6/6 Thopter that was vulnerable to a removal spell. However, after drawing Walking Ballista for his turn, Nelson was able to add another Arcbound Worker and the Ballista to the board to lock up the game.

Whew, what a game that was! Congratulations to Brothers Who Bash on taking down the week and moving on to the finals against Mage Market! Next week’s show will surely be one you won’t want to miss as these two stacked teams battle it out to be the league champions!


Qualified for the Finals
3-1 Mage Market
3-0 Brothers Who Bash

2-2 Stream Team
2-1 Pamplemousse
1-2 ChannelFireball
1-2 Brew Crew
0-2 Play Design Team
0-2 Scary Pterrys



August 27
Mage Market vs Brothers Who Bash

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