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Last night, Stream Team defeated the Scary Pterrys 4-1 in Week 8 of Team Modern Super League 2. Their victory keeps them alive for the quarterfinals at 1-1, while Scary Pterry’s loss drops them to 0-2 and eliminates them from the competition.

The Results

The night was full of interesting Magic and some wild swings. We saw Tron defeat Dredge, while Hogaak arose once again to prove that the rumors of its demise were greatly exaggerated, defeating Modern powerhouse in Izzet Phoenix. Burn earned the W against Jund, a matchup as old as Modern. Snowshift won the set against Neoform in the battle of the new hotness. Finally, to wrap things up we saw Spicy (Meat) Ball Blightning (aka Lightning Skelemental) and friends take down Snowshift in order to close out the night!

Match 1: April King (Tron) defeats Chantelle Campbell (Dredge) 2-0

Match 2: Jess Estephan (Izzet Phoenix) loses to Emma Handy (Hogaak Reborn) 1-2

Match 3: MTGNerdGirl (Burn) defeats Autumn Burchett (Jund) 2-1

Match 4: Jess Estephan (Snowshift) defeats Chantelle Campbell (Neoform) 2-1

Match 5: April King (RB Aggro) defeats Autumn Burchett (Snowshift) 2-0

The Feature Match

(Skip to 1:58:00 if the embed does not do so for you.)

Let’s take a closer look at the Round 3 Game 1 match between MTGNerdgirl on Burn against Burchett on Jund. (Here are the decklists.)

MTGNerdgirl kept a very good Burn hand with two lands, two recurring threats in Monastery Swiftspear and Eidolon of the Great Revel, and three burn spells. Burchett had a decent Jund hand, as well, with four lands (one being a cycle land), one discard spell, and two pieces of removal.

Burchett was on the play and fetched a basic and cast an Inquisition of Kozilek, taking MTGNerdgirl’s Turn 1 threat. Unfortunately, discard can’t protect you from the top card of your opponent’s library, and MTGNerdGirl drew a Goblin Guide off the top to get the beats rolling.

On MTGNerdgirl’s Turn 2, she had the option to play the Eidolon of the Great Revel but instead elected to play two burn spells instead, putting Burchett down to 10. This play is nice because getting your opponent to a low enough life total before playing Eidolon can effective lock them out from removing it…or playing almost any other spell.

After a full turn cycle, Burchett played a fetch land and passed back to MTGNerdgirl. MTGNerdgirl missed a land and just went to end step, so Burchett chose to use Assassin’s Trophy MTGNerdGirl’s only R/W land in Sunbaked Canyon, so she cast Boros Charm in response, putting Burchett down to 5. With Lightning Bolt and Searing Blaze in hand, MTGNerdGirl had all the tools she needed to close out the game.


Qualified for the Semifinals
2-0 Brothers Who Bash
2-0 Pamplemousse

In the Hunt
1-1 Mage Market
1-1 Brew Crew
1-1 ChannelFireball
1-1 Stream Team

0-2 Play Design Team
0-2 Scary Pterrys



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