Prereleases for Core Set 2020 are underway and players have noticed an unusual printing error in Magic’s newest expansion: some Corpse Knights were mistakenly printed with the incorrect amount of toughness.

From @theManaLeek on Twitter.

Reports started trickling in that players were opening copies of Corpse Knight that had three points of toughness, rather than the two points of toughness that were on the card when it was previewed nearly three weeks ago. Ben Bleiweiss, the General Manager of Star City Games, even announced on Twitter that Star City Games was suspending sales of the card until they could get confirmation from Wizards of the Coast if all copies of Corpse Knight were misprinted.

Eventually, Wizards confirmed that Corpse Knight officially has two toughness and that there had been “a print error in some regional printings” that resulted in some copies of the card erroneously having three toughness.

It is currently unclear how many regions are affected by this misprinting of Corpse Knight.

Misprints have a long and storied history in Magic. They range from simple cutting and packaging errors all the way to incorrect mana costs and, as in this case, incorrect power or toughness.

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