Over the last few weeks, four different traditional paintings for non-basic lands from Modern Horizons, each by Noah Bradley, were sold on eBay for a combined $19,320. Three were from the cycle of Cycling Lands originally printed during Onslaught, the other one of the new ‘Horizon’ lands that stands to see considerable play in Magic’s Modern format.

Nurturing Peatland by Noah Bradley, oils on unstreched canvas, 24” x 32” (2011)

The enemy-colored Horizon Land Nuturing Peatland led the group, being sold first and finishing at an outstanding $8,700. This work was originally created in 2011 and commissioned for a basic Swamp, but as can often happen, things changed and it went unused, or “slushed,” until it was slotted into this set. This is exceptionally large for a piece of original Magic art, and it’s price certainly reflects that.

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Next were his paintings for the remaining 3 “cycling” lands, their cards originally printed during the Onslaught Expansion over 15 years ago. The other two lands, Bradley’s Lonely Sandbar (digital) and Forgotten Cave (traditional), have already been released as a part of prior sets. The first to sell was Secluded Steppe:

Secluded Steppe by Noah Bradley, oils on unstreched canvas, 17.5” x 24”

It sold for $4,050, an excellent price for a piece of this size that could be hung in any living room, game room, or even a child’s bedroom.

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The next land up was the ethereal and phosphorescent Barren Moor:

Barren Moor by Noah Bradley, oils on unstreched canvas, 17.5” x 24”

It sold for $3,020, very much in the same range as the one before it, but a little less sofa friendly perhaps. It’s not uncommon to see Swamp or similar related lands realize less than their other colored counterparts.

Authors note: Barren Moor is actually my favorite of the three; the green is just too good. But everyone has different tastes, and that’s what makes art so personal and exciting!

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The last of the three to sell was the Tranquil Thicket:

Tranquil Thicket by Noah Bradley, oils on unstreched canvas, 17.5” x 24”

It sold for $3,550, landing right in the middle of the previous two. Although it is maybe the most played card of the three, the presence of more previewed art on the market and the Sunday morning, 10:30am EST auction ending time may have held it back. It’s still a very good price for both artist and collector.

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Bradley’s reentrance into the traditional Magic art arena has opened up a lot of exciting opportunities and his name will be one art collectors are now looking for even more at the bottom of the card during preview season.

“Noah’s got a new card! I wonder if this one’s traditional, too? Better go ask!”

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