On Saturday April 27th, the original artwork for the Masterpiece Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by Chris Rahn sold for an astounding $35,600 on eBay.

The Facts

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by Chris Rahn, oil on birch plywood, 24” x 36“

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by Chris Rahn is a monumental work of oil on birch plywood measuring 24 inches by 36 inches. It is one of ten Planeswalkers that makes up the War of the Spark Mythic Edition, and one of only two traditionally painted planeswalker promos. It is one of only three traditionally rendered planeswalkers for War of the Spark, including the base set and all supplemental products. In a set with more Planeswalkers than any other, there were only a sparse few chances to collect an original artwork.

The Hammer

This work was sold on eBay, as Rahn often sells his new work almost immediately after its associated card is previewed. The opening bid was set at $599.99, and bidding commenced instantaneously. While it’s hard to tell exactly who is bidding on eBay because buyer’s names are scrambled for protection, a lively discussion was going on in the MTG Art Market, with bidders revealing themselves as the price climbed higher and higher in the opening hours. One collector even posted screenshots of his high bids as they were entered, all the way up to the $35,100 bid he placed on the first day.

In the closing minutes, another bid would inch this piece over the flurry of known bidders to $35,600, hammering to down to a collector who has yet to reveal themselves.

The Art

This is the second time Rahn was commissioned to paint the sprit dragon Ugin:

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by Chris Rahn. Traditional. For Ugin’s Fate.

Rahn’s second depiction picks up right where his first left off. We see the same Ugin, but now we are looking up from below instead of straight on. The painting is everything we love and have come to expect from Rahn’s work: an exceptional use of light to enhance the ethereal nature of the legendary dragon, and a perspective that makes him both feel and appear truly mythical. Chris Rahn is commissioned to create these ever-important characters for a reason, and he continues to level-up his portrayals with each and every Planeswalker he paints. This is an astounding work of art, one for the record books, and one that will not be soon forgotten.

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