Today, we’re proud to launch a brand new feature on Fantasy Pro Tour: season-long leagues!

Since we launched Fantasy Pro Tour earlier this year, we’ve gotten tons of suggestions and feature requests. (Keep them coming! You can find us on Twitter or join our Discord!) One of the most popular feature requests was support for season-long leagues, where you draft players and your team receives points over the course of a full season, rather than for a single event.

Introducing Season-Long Leagues

It took a little longer than anticipated, but you can now create your own season-long league on Fantasy Pro Tour! Because Magic’s Pro Tour season is a full 12 months, we’ve decided to use Pro Tour Cycles as the foundation of a season-long league. Each Cycle is about three months long and will include only individual Grand Prix and Pro Tours.

A couple notes about the current Guilds of Ravnica Cycle, which will end on December 9, 2018. Because we’re getting started a little late, you’ll be able to start your own Guilds of Ravnica Cycle league until October 26, 2018, before the main events at Grand Prix New Jersey/Lille begin. So what are you waiting for? Create your own Guilds of Ravnica Cycle league now!

The seasonal setup is pretty simple: just draft your favorite players and they’ll earn 3 points for every win at a Grand Prix or Pro Tour during the current Cycle. There are no starters a no bench—every player you draft will earn you points during every event!

We’ll be rolling out more features for season-long leagues soon, so stay tuned!

Leagues for Grand Prix Montreal and Mexico City are Live!

Season-long tournaments aren’t the only additions to Fantasy Pro Tour today. We’ve opened up leagues for Grand Prix Montreal and Mexico City and even improved our in-game stats! Sign up for our public leagues or create your own—as always, it’s completely free.

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