Wizards of the Coast announced that MTG Arena’s Non-Disclosure Agreement will drop on Thursday March 22, 2018.

MTG Arena has been covered by an NDA ever since its closed Beta began last November. The NDA prevents Beta participants from streaming or making content about the game, as well as discussing the game and its features publicly. All of those restrictions will be lifted when the NDA is dropped next Thursday, March 22. Unfortunately, the MTG Arena Beta will still be closed, even after the NDA drop, and Wizards gave no indication of when the Beta would be opened up to everyone.

The MTG Arena NDA drop will coincide with the deployment of the massive March update next Thursday. The patch will introduce a raft of features that will be revealed in a preview stream on Twitch next Wednesday March 21. Like previous updates, the March update will include a full account wipe—but this time, when players log in again, they will be given pre-constructed decks to play with, rather than an assortment of packs from which they can build decks.

Stay tuned to hipstersofthecoast.com and our YouTube page next week for coverage of MTG Arena after its NDA drops.

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