On today’s Minute:Eternal Weekend was last weekend in Pittsburg, PA.

Eternal Weekend 2017 took place last weekend in Pittsburgh, PA featuring the North American Vintage and Legacy championships.

Over 400 Vintage competitors played ten rounds of Swiss on Friday, cutting to a top eight that featured five Mishra’s Workshop decks and three Oath of Druids decks. Sunday’s Finals , featured a Shops mirror match between Andrew Markiton and Rich Shay, both of whom played the same shell with Arcbound Ravager, Steel Overseer, and Walking Ballista. Markiton won the match, $2500, and an alternate art large format Black Lotus. The dominance of Shops has once again resulted in widespread calls to restrict Mishra’s Workshop, a land that produces three mana for artifact spells.

Saturday’s Legacy tournament featured over 700 players and eleven rounds of Swiss. The top eight featured five Delver decks of various color combinations, along with one copy each of Four-Color Leovold (also known as Czech Pile), Esper Deathblade, and Eldrazi. The finals featured Jacob Goddick’s Sultai Delver deck defeating Seth Black’s Eldrazi deck to win an alternate art large format Savannah and $2500 cash.


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