On today’s Minute:¬†Over 400 players came to Eternal Weekend this weekend in Pittsburg, PA to play in the Vintage Championship. Plus, Wizards finally acknowledges card stock issues…kind of.

The Vintage Championship at Eternal Weekend is well underway with more than 400 players descending upon Pittsburgh to play 10 rounds of Magic’s oldest format for a chance at Sunday’s top 8 bracket.

Halfway through the day the top tables were filled with Vintage regulars including Mike Solymossy, Rich Shay, and Ryan Glackin. A few pro players are also in attendance, including Andrea Mengucci and Jarvis Yu. Dredge, the bane of many eternal formats, seems to be the deck of the tournament so far.

The Legacy Championship begins on Saturday morning at 9AM and will be streamed on twitch.tv/cardtitan.

In other news, Wizards of the Coast released a statement today acknowledging that a batch of double-faced cards from Ixalan had been printed on the wrong card stock. This resulted in the iconic blue layer missing from the inside of the card, causing the cards to fail standard checks for counterfeits. Read more of our coverage of this statement at hipstersofthecoast.com.


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