On today’s Minute: Wizards will hold an invite-only “25th Anniversary Exhibition Event” the alongside the 25th Anniversary Pro Tour, plus Pro Players Club changes, and Kitchen Table Magic joins Hipsters of the Coast!

Today, the amazing Magic interview podcast Kitchen Table Magic joins Hipsters of the Coast. On today’s episode, host Sam Tang interviews Dan Burdick, the lead of Wizards R&D’s new Play Design group. Make sure to check out the episode on Hipsters of the Coast dot com and subscribe on iTunes or Google Play.

This morning, Wizards revealed that it would hold an invite-only “25th Anniversary Exhibition Event” during the 25th Anniversary Pro Tour next August in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Could this be the long-awaited return of the Magic Invitational, which was discontinued in 2007? Unfortunately, Wizards won’t say for now.

In the same article, Wizards also announced changes to how the Pro Players Club will calculate a player’s level. We already knew that the Club is changing to a cycle system next season, with each cycle covering the length of a single set. Originally, Club levels would be determined by a player’s top three results from each of the last four cycles. But with today’s announcement, Wizards is changing the formula to include a player’s top 12 finishes from the last four cycles combined—making it easier for players that don’t consistently have Grand Prix in their region.


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You can read Wizards’ announcements regarding the 25th Anniversary Exhibition Event and the Pro Player Club changes here.

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