On today’s Minute: Both Burn and Bant Knightfall won Modern GPs this weekend, plus Wizards announces a geocaching game for the upcoming Ixalan set.

If this weekend’s GPs are any indication, the Modern format is as wide-open and as healthy as it has ever been. Death’s Shadow was the consensus best deck going into the weekend but it didn’t win either GP and only made up about 11% of the field at GP Birmingham. Other popular decks included Titan Shift, Eldrazi Tron, Affinity, and Burn, each of which made up around 7-10% of the field.

Loïc Le Briand burned his Green Black opponent’s face off in the finals of GP Birmingham, a scene that haunts every Modern player’s dreams. Across the Atlantic, Joao Lelis piloted his Bant Knightfall deck to victory over his Titan Shift opponent to become the champion of GP Sao Paulo.

In other news, Wizards announced an augmented reality geocaching game this morning that will help determine the story and card previews for the upcoming Ixalan set. Game pieces will be distributed to stores, fans, and volunteers, and will be trackable at Geocaching.com. Once a piece has traveled a certain distance Wizards will reveal the associated Ixalan story or card.


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