On today’s Minute: Wizards announced the structure of the 25th Anniversary Pro Tour, the first team PT since 2006. Plus, an amazing Ajani statue will be available for $800…eventually.

This morning, Wizards announced the structure of the 25th Anniversary Pro Tour, which will be the first team Pro Tour since 2006. The event will only be 14 rounds, as opposed to the 16 of a normal Pro Tour, and there will be no cut to Day 2—meaning that every team will be able to play all 14 rounds if they’d like. The event will then cut to the Top 4 teams to determine the champions. The 25th Anniversary Pro Tour will take place on August 3rd through 5th, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Prime 1 Studio, a Japanese collectible manufacturer, revealed their newest licensed statue yesterday. The beautifully-detailed Ajani Goldmane statue will stand a full 28 inches tall and will retail for $800. For an additional $50, you can get an exclusive illustration of Ajani, as well. Neither a preorder nor a release date has been set as of yet, but there will only be 850 total statues available. Make sure to check out Prime 1 Studio’s Facebook page for a ton of awesome pictures of the Ajani statue, as well as the future announcement of its availability.


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You can read Wizard’s 25th Anniversary Pro Tour announcement here.

You can see Prime 1 Studio’s Ajani Statue here.

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