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On today’s Minute:¬†Wizards released the Commander 2017 decklists after an awesome week of previews, plus this weekend is full of high-level Modern events.


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You can find the Commander 2017 decklists here.


Wizards released the full deck lists of the four Commander 2017 decks today. Each deck is focused on a single tribe, including Grixis Wizards, 5-Color Dragons, Green White Cats, and Mardu Vampires. The decks contain a total of 56 new cards, with the rest being made up of reprints. You can find the full lists at Preorder the decks at your favorite local game store or purchase them when they are available on August 25th.

I hope you like Modern! Because this weekend is jam-packed with high-level competitive Magic events, all of which are Modern. There are Modern Grand Prix in Birmingham, England and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and can watch all the action on Twitch at There is also a Modern Star City Games Open in Richmond, Virginia, which you can watch at


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