After two days of Magic at Pro Tour Amonkhet, Sunday brought an absolutely stacked Top 8, somehow full of players who had somehow never won a Pro Tour. Who would finally manage to convert a Top 8 into a Pro Tour win? With a field that was fairly representative of the top tables from Days 1 and 2, featuring a lot of Aetherworks Marvel decks and both the mono-black and white/black Zombies variants, would it be Ulamog or a horde of Zombies that would take down Pro Tour Amonkhet?

Missed Day 1 or 2 of Pro Tour Amonkhet? Catch up on Day 1’s matches here and Day 2’s matches here.

Pro Tour Amonkhet Quarterfinals 1: Chris Fennell vs. Yuuya Watanabe, Christian Calcano vs Martin Müller

The main table of Quarterfinal 1 featured #1 seed Chris Fennell, playing WB Zombies, faced off against #8 seed Yuuya Watanabe, who was piloting a more controlling version of Temur Aetherworks Marvel. On the second table, Christian Calcano and Martin Muller played a similar matchup, but with Calcano on mono-black Zombies and Muller on a more typical list of Temur Aetherworks Marvel.

Pro Tour Amonkhet Quarterfinals 2: Ken Yukuhiro vs. Eric Froehlich, Marc Tobiasch vs. Gerry Thompson

The second set of Pro Tour Amonkhet quarterfinals feature even more Aetherworks Marvels. On the main table, Eric Froehlich battled with Temur Aetherworks Marvel against Ken Yukuhiro, who was playing a sweet BG Energy deck. On the secondary table, Marc Tobiasch, on Temur Aetherworks Marvel as well, faced off against Gerry Thompson’s mono-black Zombies.

Pro Tour Amonkhet Semifinals: Yuuya Watanabe vs. Martin Müller

The first Pro Tour Amonkhet semifinal featured a Aether Marvelworks mirror match: Muller with a more standard list and Yuuya with a more controlling build.

Pro Tour Amonkhet Semifinals: Ken Yukuhiro vs. Gerry Thompson

The second semifinal was destined to be short and sweet, as both Ken Yukuhiro’s BG Energy deck and Gerry Thompson’s mono-black Zombies were capable of extremely fast kills.

Pro Tour Amonkhet Finals: Gerry Thompson vs. Yuuya Watanabe

The finals of Pro Tour Amonkhet were emblematic of the entire weekend: Aetherworks Marvel spitting out Ulamogs vs an unending horde of Zombies.

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