The best Magic players in the world have gathered in Nashville, Tennessee for Pro Tour Amonkhet. Day 2’s Standard continued to be dominated by hordes of Zombie decks, the hot new deck for this PT, and Aetherworks Marvels pumping out Ulamog after Ulamog.

Missed Day 1’s action? Catch up here!

Draft #1: Chris Fennell

Chris Fennell entered Day 2 of Pro Tour Amonkhet as one of the few undefeated players. He had an uneven draft and has one (or more) questionable picks.

Draft #2: Pierre Dagen

It looks like the entire table had an interesting draft, as Pierre Dagen struggled to find a solid deck as well.

Round 9 (Draft): Pierre Dagen vs. Chris Fennell

Fennell may have had an rough draft, but it turns out that you can be missing your main color and still play Glyph Keeper, attack four times, and win the game.

Round 10 (Draft): Martin Müller vs. Lee Shi Tian

Round 10 saw Martin Muller playing his first of three (3!) feature matches of Day 2.

Round 11 (Draft): Chris Fennell vs. Eric Froehlich

The finals of the featured draft pod saw still-undefeated Chris Fennell battle against Hall of Famer Eric Froehlich.

Round 12 (Standard): Reid Duke vs. Steve Hatto

Fan favorite Reid Duke, playing an interesting Sultai variant of Aetherworks Marvel, didn’t have any losses to give as he entered the Standard round of Day 2.

Round 13 (Standard): Chris Fennell vs. Eric Froehlich

No, this isn’t a replay of Round 11, though it did give Chris Fennell the chance to avenge his first loss of the tournament, which had come at the hands of Froehlich in that round.

Round 14 (Standard): Martin Müller vs. Christian Calcano

Christian Calcano made his way into the feature match to play against Martin Muller for a virtual win-and-in for the Top 8 of Pro Tour Amonkhet.

Round 15 (Standard): Martin Müller vs. William Jensen

After falling to Christian Calcano in Round 14, Martin Muller had another chance at a win-and-in for Top 8 against William “Huey” Jensen.

Round 16 (Standard): (22) Yuuya Watanabe vs. (4) Reid Duke

Going into the final round of Pro Tour Amonkhet, Yuuya and Reid were both win-and-pray-for-good-tiebreakers to make it into the Top 8.

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