YAY CAVERN OF SOULS! After my article last week I’m sure you all could feel me crossing my fingers hoping for a Cavern reprint. And somehow it happened, among one thousand other amazing (and much needed) reprints. This leaves me in the position to hopefully have four Caverns only on about two months’ budget!

Modern Masters 2017 has really been a gift to Legacy players everywhere with reprinted Zendikar fetchlands as well as Blood Moon, Liliana of The Veil, Path to Exile, miracles cards, Grafdigger’s Cage, Griselbrand, and more. This set really puts so many people in a position to have their own Legacy deck.  Cheaper versions of the Zendikar fetches alone are a huge gift to the Legacy community where the very expensive mana bases are often what keep people from the format.  

I spent this week just practicing the deck some more. Many people pick up a deck in a playstyle they don’t have experience with and forget how long it takes to learn a new deck or format.  This week I learned how awful my Show and Tell matchup can be but that I can actually fight through B/R Reanimator. (I may or may not have gotten rid of three Griselbrands over the course of one game.)  I also found out how amazing my Lands matchup is. I managed to kill with Akroma very easily two games in a row—game two I even had equipped her with a Batterskull.  The other matchup I got to practice was Blue/Red Delver which I hope I get to play against some more.  I had to mull both games and drew extremely poorly.  Game one I had NINE draws before I saw a land which seems crazy for any deck.  Overall it was a decent night though, where I spent more time learning about how to perfect this deck.

I still plan on using my budget to fill my life with Caverns first. Miracles is still a deck to fight through and Cavern is a strong card.  After that I might either want some Thalia, Heretic Cathars or more Sanctum Prelates.  Long run I’d also love some Recruiter of the Guards but we’ll have to see how the deck is doing in a month or two after running it with Caverns for a little bit. It is important to have long term plans but to adjust them as you get more experience with the deck.

I’m so excited to see these reprints and once Modern Masters prices have begun to stabilize in a month or so I plan on using it to make another budget deck option! I won’t be piloting it and writing about it weekly like I am with this deck—next week I’ll be back on tournament reports—but I think with such an overwhelming amazing pile of reprints I’d love to give a few suggestions on how to take advantage of this awesome set to get into Legacy!

Kate hails from Worcester MA and also does a bit of Card Altering. Check her Stuff out on Facebook! She mainly plays legacy and modern though will occasionally find herself playing EDH.

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