After much consideration, some changes are coming to A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth!

Given the nature of Magic’s ongoing storyline and worlds, this column will be moving to a more dispersed posting schedule, beginning presently. Instead of posting in response to every week’s Uncharted Realms article – which vary in content and relation to Earth’s history – this column will instead post a single, long-form article with every new block, exploring how the new plane as a whole reflects our shared history and memory. Rather than echoing the story points, A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth will instead be a full guide to Earth’s history as seen in Magic’s planes, like its namesake articles published by Wizards of the Coast.

I look forward to exploring whole planes at a time and looking at how they reflect our history, culture, legends, and religions through the years ahead. In the meanwhile, here is a full list of previous articles from A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth, going through our history as seen on Tarkir, Zendikar, and the many planes of Magic: Origins.



Intro to Tarkir

The Mardu Horde – the Mongol Army under Chinggis Khan

The Temur Frontier – Mongol Shamanism and Spirituality

The Abzan Houses – The Persian Il-Khanate and the Silk Road

The Jeskai Way – The Tao and Yuan China

The Sultai Brood – The Cambodian Khmer Dynasty

Dragons – The End of the Mongol Empire



Kamigawa Revisited – Shintoism and Medieval Japan



Judgment Day – The Eldrazi and Apocalyptic Beliefs

Elves – Nissa and Elves in Folklore

Leylines – Sources of Mystical Power on Zendikar and Earth

Zendikar and the Maya, Part One and Two: Civilization and History in the Yucatan

Pilgrimage – Violence and Belief on Holy Journeys

Alliances – Strange Alliance Systems throughout History

Hermitage – Religious Isolation in Nature

Tricksters – Cosi and Trickster Gods in History

Khalni Heart – Total Devastation in War



Sea Monsters – Kiora and Krakens in History

Hoplites – Gideon and Ancient Greek Warfare and Society



Cities, Part One and Two – Medieval Cities and Guilds

Courtship and Dating – Jace, Liliana, and Marriage throughout Medieval History

War and Morale – Gideon and War’s Toll on Warriors

Ravens – Raven Man and Ravens in Religion and Myth



Pyromancy – Chandra and Ancient Divination



Demons – Liliana and Demons through History



Sphinxes – Jace and Sphinxes in Myth and Religion



Monasteries – Medieval Centers of Learning and Tradition



Tournament Report – I Did Good In A Legacy 5K with Enchantress And Deserve Death


I look forward to writing again with the introduction of the next set after Oath of the Gatewatch. Either way, if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for future articles, please feel free to comment here or email me personally at [email protected] I genuinely welcome any comments you might have, and am excited to work on more in-depth research for Hipsters of the Coast with the arrival of new sets! Thank you all for your support.

Until next time,

Curtis Wiemann


Curtis is a lapsed historian and bad Legacy player in Worcester, Massachusetts.



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