Season 9 of the Vintage Super League continues next Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern (GMT -5). We’re running a series of articles to celebrate, like our intro to VSL Season 9 and our rundowns of the Top 5 Decks in Vintage and the Top 10 Cards in Vintage. Plus, we’re running a few VSL fantasy leagues on Thousand Leagues!

Week 5 of the Vintage Super League’s ninth season is in the bag. No one remains undefeated after this week, but we do have three players going to the playoffs and another player knocked out.

Season 9 of VSL is organized into four groups of four players. Week 5 featured Seth Manfield, Andreas Petersen, Cyrus Corman-Gill, and Andy Markiton, who played a full round-robin tournament this past Tuesday night. The competitors brought a variety of decks to the event: Dredge, Oath of Druids, Paradoxical Storm and Ravager Shops.


So, how did week one go for the players?

R1: Cyrus Corman-Gill (Paradoxical Storm) defeats Andy Markiton (Ravager Shops) (2-1)
R2: Andreas Petersen (Dredge) defeats Seth Manfield (Oath of Druids) (2-1)
R3: Cyrus Corman-Gill (Paradoxical Storm) defeats Seth Manfield (Oath of Druids) (2-0)
R4: Andy Markiton (Ravager Shops) defeats Andreas Petersen (Dredge) (2-1)
R5: Andreas Petersen (Dredge) defeats Cyrus Corman-Gill (Paradoxical Storm) (2-1)
R6: Andy Markiton (Ravager Shops) defeats Seth Manfield (Oath of Druids) (2-1)

Andy Markiton (2-1)
Andy rode his pet deck, Shops, into the playoffs this week. I can’t wait to see what Andy brings in the playoffs after getting a taste of the metagame.

Cyrus Corman-Gill (2-1)
Cyrus can’t help but storm people out, and we got to see both Tendrils of Agony and Mind’s Desire cast on Tuesday night. Cyrus’s performance got him into the playoffs, where I expect another storm to be brewing.

Andreas Petersen (2-1)
Last season’s team event runner up also made it to the playoffs. With Dredge and Bant Wagon down I would anticipate that we’ll see some Xerox from him in the playoffs.

Seth Manfield (0-3)
Unfortunately, Seth came up short with Oath of Druids. His draws were poor overall, and 3-0 into 0-3 leaves him out for the playoffs. Well played Seth, and we hope to see you again in the VSL!

Upcoming Schedule

Feb 19
Kevin Cron
Andy Probasco
Erin Campbell
Randy Buehler

Feb 26
Brian Coval
Rachel Agnes
Brian Kelly
Bob Maher

Mar 5
Saffron Olive
Rich Shay
Matt Sperling
Steve Menendian


Locked for the Playoffs
Cyrus Corman-Gill 4-2
Andy Markiton 4-2
Andreas Petersen 4-2

In the Playoff Hunt
Randy Buehler 3-0
Rachel Agnes 2-1
Kevin Cron 2-1
Steve Menendian 2-1
Rich Shay 2-1
Brian Kelly 1-2
Saffron Olive 1-2
Andy Probasco 1-2
Matt Sperling 1-2

Eliminated from the Playoffs
Seth Manfield 3-3
Erin Campbell 0-3
Brian Coval 0-3
Bob Maher 0-3

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