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None Shall Pass Bombs

Eternal Masters PPTQ

Brendan finished third in an Eternal Masters sealed PPTQ and reports on the fun.

Drawing Live

Dealing with Failure and Success

Fresh off a PPTQ loss and a good deal of success with LLM and EMA, Zach asks the question: how do you reconcile feeling both good and bad at Magic?

None Shall Pass Bombs

Last Exit to the RPTQ

Brendan took a shot at qualifying for Pro Tour Sydney last weekend, snagging a last chance slot for the Denver RPTQ.

Drawing Live

Eternal Masters Limited Analysis

Zach breaks down a bunch of important commons and common interactions in Eternal Masters draft, as well as addresses the elephant in the room: is Eternal Masters worth it?

Card Kingdom

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None Shall Pass Bombs

Skill Game

Brendan examines strategic metagame manipulation and what it means for one format to be require more skill than another.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Clue Drafting

Brendan delves into the blue-green clue archetype in Shadows Over Innistrad draft.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Grand Prix Albuquerque

Brendan reports on Shadows Over Innistrad sealed and draft from Grand Prix Albuquerque, where he finished 52nd.

Drawing Live

The New Spider Spawning

Have you drafted UR Rise from the Tides yet? It’s a sweet archetype which hearkens back to the Spider Spawning decks of old.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Into the Shadows

Just in time for Grand Prix Albuquerque, Brendan shares his early impressions of Shadows Over Innistrad sealed.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Mechanics in Limited

Brendan explains what a set’s mechanics tell us about its limited environment.

Developments in Durdling

2 Stories about Limited

Zac shares two stories about Limited.