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Command of Etiquette

Prophet is Loss

Jess thinks the Commander format needs to rid itself of Prophet of Kruphix and Deadeye Navigator, for the greater good.

Command of Etiquette

The GP Experience for Casual Players

Jess gives some real talk about going to a Grand Prix as a casual player.

Command of Etiquette

Born of Fire, Part Deux

Jess finishes up her Commander/EDH set review, focusing on uncommons and dollar rares.

Command of Etiquette

Born of Fire, Part One

Jess goes through part one of her Commander set review for Born of the Gods, focusing on the flashy rares.

Card Kingdom

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Command of Etiquette

Building a Better Manabase, Part Two

Jess talks about the in-between manabases in Commander. Two- and three-color manabases need EDH love too!

Command of Etiquette

Building a Better Manabase, Part One

Jess writes about manabases in Commander, because she’s gotten fed up with lists that include fetchlands and old-school duals.

Command of Etiquette

The Why of Tokens

Jess examines what we get when we choose a token general. Then she looks at one of her own token decks, Ghave, Guru of Spores, and talks exponential math with Doubling Season and newcomer Primal Vigor.

Command of Etiquette

Commander 2013 in Review

Jess finally finishes up her overview of the Commander 2013 products, in part ten of her ten article cycle. The EDH player in her heart was a fan, although she knocked off half a grade for the weird economics of the set. A-, would buy again!

Command of Etiquette

Good Grief!

Jessica comes to the final of the five Commander 2013 decks: Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge, who has been chucked in favor of Nekusar, the Mindrazer. Nekusar is aces in EDH! Choke on it!

Command of Etiquette

Gifts for the Commander Player in Your Life

Jess talks presents for the Commander player you love, like, or anyone else to whom you feel obligated to give a gift. So here are ten suggested presents, ranging from under $10 to $35, with two much pricier, but still vaguely affordable, outliers.

Command of Etiquette

Fun Vacuum

Jess tries to make Marath, Will of the Wild into her own deck. She succeeds on that front, but it’s not all that fun to play. One might even say it’s an ordeal.