What We Learned

Revisiting Wizards’ Pledge to Increase Transparency Seven Months Later

Rich revisits the idea of transparency and looks at how Wizards has made progress in improving the transparency of their decisions to the community.

Breaking Down the 2017 Organized Play Announcements

Rich goes through the 2017 Grand Prix Schedule and breaks down the highlights and lowlights.

One Night in Karazhan

Rich unpacks the details of the recently announced Hearthstone adventure One Night in Karazhan.


This week Rich replies to a recent Vice article about Magic’s problems with gender representation

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Reviewing the New Ghostbusters

This week Rich takes a break from Eldritch Moon and Pokemon Go to review the reboot of his beloved Ghostbusters franchise.

Pokemon Go

Sick of Magic buyouts and price spikes? Rich says forget all that and play Pokemon Go!

Top Five Reserved List Cards to Color Shift

Rich looks at color-shifted reprints from the Reserve List and gives his Top Five for the future.

Surprise, It’s Emrakul!

Rich reacts to the revelation that Emrakul is invading Innistrad.

Nahiri vs. Sorin

Rich reviews the history between Nahiri and Sorin as we begin the previews for Eldritch Moon!

2016 Bold Predictions Revisited

Rich checks in on his predictions for Magic in 2016.

All Apologies

Rich shakes his head at the latest clueless marketing decision depicting violence against women.