Carrie O'Hara

None Shall Pass Bombs

None Shall Past Bombs—Top Ten Battles

Carrie announces her top ten Battle for Zendikar limited cards.

None Shall Pass Bombs

None Shall Past Bombs—Painful Truths

Carrie learned some painful truths in a recent online sealed PTQ.

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None Shall Past Bombs—Jumping Ship in Draft

Carrie explains when you want to jump ship mid-draft and when to stay the course.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Grand Prix Atlanta **75th**

Carrie placed 75th at Grand Prix Atlanta, notching her first professional 3-0 draft along the way.

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None Shall Pass Bombs

Evolving Wilds of Battle for Zendikar

The wilds of Battle for Zendikar limited are evolving. Carrie interprets the signs.

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Settlers of Halloween

Carrie took a week off from Magic to enjoy Settlers of Catan with her friends for Halloween.

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Standard Dimir Aristocrats

Carrie took the sweet Dimir Aristocrats deck to a top four finish at a local PPTQ.

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Battle for Draft Archetypes

Carrie fights over draft archetypes and finds some success in unexpected combinations.

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Madison Bummed

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Madison, where she took a mediocre sealed pool and came up just short of day two.

From the Sideboard

Battle for Zendikar Sealed Exercise

Carrie drops a special Battle for Zendikar sealed deck challenge on you, all for free. Do you like to splash?

None Shall Pass Bombs

Zendikar Sealed Lessons

Carrie shares some early lessons about Battle for Zendikar sealed.